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Meet Heidi (3)

Your Personal Health & Nutrition Guide
consultant ~ coach ~ counselor ~ educator

I’m a whole-foods, down-home gourmet, wild foods forager, gardener, adventurist, sailor, and soul surfer, passionate about teaching people how to feed themselves on every level ~ physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

It’s my mission is to empower women by listening deeply to their stories and guiding them back to the “Core Basics” of self-care, for a healthier, happier life; equipping them with simple tools to create powerful and pleasurable lives.

In service to my clients, I come to the table with deep compassion, proven science, and a functional, holistic approach. I promise to meet you wherever you are, extend my hand, and be the bridge that takes you where you want to be.

Heidi Snyder (MS, CNC, CEPC) is a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Health Educator.  She’s also a certified Eating Psychology Coach, which gives her tools to explore the psychophysiology of how our thoughts, belief systems, and behavior patterns can powerfully influence our metabolism, overall health, and quality of life.

Heidi blends her food as medicine approach with her extensive training in functional nutrition and transformational coaching, equipping her clients with realistic, hands-on strategies that empower them with the education and tools essential for self-sufficiency and recovery from their complex health conditions.