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divider I believe in looking beyond symptoms and exploring the roots,
in order to understand patterns of emotional and physical pain, 
so the people I work with can transform and heal at the deepest level.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a love affair with food and health. I took care of my family and friends and tended to their myriad symptoms, emotional wounds, and first-aid needs with home remedies, healing brews, and pots of soup and stew. Alchemy and kitchen creations were my gift.

In 1998, on a sailing trip in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, I met a woman who lived off the grid and from the land. She grew her food, made herbal remedies, and collected seaweed and medicines from the wild. This experience guided my journey even deeper into the heart of food as medicine, and inspired a profound awe for the healing potential of food, herbs, roots, and life from the land and sea.

My professional journey paralleled my very personal one: to overcome and transform lifelong challenges with food, weight, and body ~ these years were punctuated by digestive troubles and food sensitivities, insulin resistance, back pain, and severe adrenal fatigue. It’s been a long and curvy road to the present moment, and I know that everything that I’ve been through will only help me to serve you better.

I have intense passion for the work I do and those I serve, teaching people how to feed themselves on every level ~ physically, emotionally and spiritually. I love empowering my clients to make simple, yet profound changes that address the underlying roots of what brings them to me. I have dedicated my life to creating a safe space for people to discover their own healing potential, as I did.

In service to my clients, I come to the table with deep compassion, proven science, and a functional, holistic approach. I promise to meet you wherever you are, extend my hand, and be the bridge that takes you to where you want to be .

divider PictBridgeHand1 divider Success Story: Heidi’s methods are effective! Her experienced nutrition-based knowledge, vivaciousness and compassion have changed my life, and I know that she will support me in my healing process for the long haul!

I found Heidi when I was dealing with multiple health situations including post-surgery recovery, depression and an eating disorder. In our work together, I had quick and significant reduction in swelling of post-ACL knee surgery that my doctors were amazed by. For my mental health, she directly resolved depression issues stemming from nutritional imbalances.

Heidi taught me coping skills and techniques that address the root of my problems directly. Her “food as medicine” diet and supplementation recommendations created a platform of health from which I continue to improve. Thank You Heidi!